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Best selling American author, Lawrence Sanders was born on March 15, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York but grew up in the Midwest. He attended Wabash College in Indiana and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in journalism in 1940. After moving back to New York, Lawrence enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and served from 1943 to 1946.

Lawrence took a variety of jobs including writing and editing for various magazines, including Science and Mechanic. Several of his short stories mysteries were published in Swank Magazine in 1968-1969.

In 1970, at the age of 50, Lawrence Sanders first novel, The Anderson Tapes, was published and won The Edgar Award for best first mystery novel. This award is a highly coveted and the most prestigious award given out by the Mystery Writers Association.

Lawrence Sanders went on to write fiction full time. With the Anderson Tapes, we are introduced to Edward X. Delaney, a tough New York Investigator. Other Lawrence Sanders series characters are Archy McNally, Timothy Cone and Peter Tangent. Then there are the Commandment protagonists, Dora Conti, Samuel Todd and Joshua Bigg.

Besides his series, Mr. Sanders wrote 15 stand alone novels before publishing his memoirs, The Sins of Lawrence Sanders in 1984.

Lawrence Sanders died in Pompano Beach, Florida on February 7, 1998. There was some controversy concerning his Archy McNally Series. Who actually wrote the first books? Did Sanders and Vincent Lardo write the books together? Was Vincent Lardo the true author? Or, was he (as claimed) commissioned by Lawrence Sanderís estate to continue the writing.



Edward S. Delaney
The Anderson Tapes (1970)
The First Deadly Sin (1973)
The Second Daily Sin (1973)
The Third Deadly Sin (1981)
The Fourth Deadly Sin (1985)
Peter Tangent
The Tangent Factor (1976)
The Tangent Objective (1976)


The Sixth Commandment (1978)
The Tenth Commandment (1980)
The Eighth Commandment (1986)
The Seventh Commandment (1991)

Timothy Cone

The Timothy Files (1987)
TimothyĆ­s Game (1988)

Archy McNally

McNallyís Secret (1991)
McNallyís Luck (1992)
McNallyís Risk (1993) (With Vincent Lardo)
McNallyís Caper (1994)
McNallyís Trial (1995)
McNallyís Puzzle (6)
McNallyís Gamble (1997) (With Vincent Lardo)
McNallyís Dilemma (1999) (With Vincent Lardo)
McNallyís Folly (2000) (With Vincent Lardo)
McNallyís Chance (2001) (With Vincent Lardo)
McNallyís Alibi (2002) (With Vincent Lardo)
McNallyís Dare (2003) (With Vincent Lardo)
McNallyís Bluff (2004) (With Vincent Lardo)
McNallyís Files (Novella) (2006)


The Pleasures of Helen (1971)
Love Songs (1972)
The Tomorrow File (1975)
The Marlow Chronicles (1977)
Caper (1980) (written as Leslie Andress)
The Dark Summer (1980) (written as Mark Upton)
The Case of Lucy Bending (1982)
The Seduction of Peter S. (1983)
The Passion of Molly T. (1984)
The Loves of Harry Dancer (1985)
The Dream Lover (1986)
Tales of the Wolf (1986)
Capital Crimes (1989)
Stolen Blessings (1990)
Sullivanís Sting (1990)
Private Pleasures (1993)
Guilty Pleasures (1998)
No Fiction
The Sins of Lawrence Sanders (1984)

Short Stories:

Published in Swank Magazine
Manhattan after Dark
The Rogue Man
The Bloody Triangle
The Man Who Didn’t Come Back
The Woman in the Lake
The String of Blues
The Case of the Purloined Princess
Death of a Model
The Girl in the Office
The Curse of the Upper Classes
The Ice Gang
An Introduction to Murder
The Case of the Missing Nude

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