Frederic CHOPIN – A Portrait of a Genius /biographical movie/ english

Author: Historia.TV

Janusz Ekiert – talks about the Chopin family home in Żelazowa Wola and in Warsaw, about Frederic’s love and attachment to his parents, friends and country. He outlines the political atmosphere of the time of Chopin’s youth (1810 – 1830) and sketches the profile and character of the young composer. He discloses and reminds us of the less known and seldom published facts of the first twenty years of Frederic Chopin’s life.
Janusz Ektert – musicologist, journalist, critic and musical expert; author of books, television and radio series on classical music; a member of CISM in Rome and a jury member of the Chopin’s Competitions in Gottingen. He has published works promoting Chopin’s compositions, among other works on the history and esthetics of Chopin’s tempo robots, both in Europe and America. .

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